So proud to present our project 


For events on the water in Vilvoorde
in collaboration with “De Kruitfabriek

What is Rösli ?

After having been transformed for about 2,5 years into a secured, multifunctional and neat ship that has kept the charm of the past, we are pleased to announce that Rösli is operational to host conferences, meetings, exhibitions, shows, pop-up projects, and so much more… on the water.

Where is it ?

As Rösli is 55 m long, you cannot miss the ship. It is in front of an original location in Vilvoorde that reflects both the industrial past of the city and the urban culture of today, namely the Kruitfabriek.

 What does it mean? 

Rösli is in Swiss German and means “little rose”. For your convenience, we have decided to drop the umlaut (sign on the o) for the name of the website. We heard that it’ll be easier to find us on the web… And this is how to pronounce Rösli: Rε:sli (the ö is like the i from bird)


We are happy to work together with the Kruitfabriek, for which the ship is currently a kind of extension seen the reduced garden space. Requests for availability, prices and reservation for the room and/or terrace have to be sent to:

A first visit prior to the booking is strongly recommended. To make an appointment please contact us at and we’d be pleased to show you around. A second visit is mandatory with the Kruitfabriek (e.g. for logistics, …)

Who are we?

A Swiss-Belgian couple busy since 2017 with what we call “our life project”. And no, we didn’t meet neither in Switzerland, nor in Belgium, but in Egypt… :)) We got married years ago in Brussels and settled in 2002 in Vilvoorde.

Contact us

  • or SMS via 0474/49 36 37