From Wijnegem to Vilvoorde

Here it is… We are very happy and proud to present our project: she was born in 1929, is 55 m long and her name is RÖSLI. We prefer to say “she & her” because we consider her as an old lady who deserves our respect.

The picture below was taken in August 2018 between Vilvoorde and Brussels when we left the shipyard in Boom after having finished the main transformation works: a terrace on 3 levels and stairs to reach the main room in the ship’s hold.

Since then we went back to Boom one more time to install a roof made of recovery material (cover parts of the hold) and an entrance door between terrace and apartment. 

How it all began… (if you’re curious to know a bit more about the ship’s history & our story).

Several years ago, we were looking for a “smaller” ship, but none fitted into our budget or corresponded to our needs.
After having visited the first Kempenaar (much longer than what we wanted), we immediately knew that this kind might have a huge potential…
The next day we found “Cindy”, based close to Antwerp, and we made an appointment with Captain Charel & Marie-Louise, the owners… 

A few visits later, convinced that this is the ONE we need, we bought the ship and renamed it RÖSLI. Can you imagine that we had a list with almost 60 names?

 The day we got the key from former Captain Charel and Marie Louise… It took us some months to realize that we are the owners now! The project is huge and exciting, and we knew that we are going to face challenges. 

Seen the huge dimension of the ship and more specifically its hold, our previous plans changed: we are going to share it with other people by transforming the former barge that transported different materials from 1929 till the end of 2016 into an event ship!!! Simply crazy…